Designer and Specialty Services

To see samples of our Designer and Specialty items visit our Photo Gallery Page.

The following services are available:

Quilting Yardage
Quilting Home Decor Items
Quilt Labels
Quilting Previously Tied Quilts

Quilting Yardage

We quilt or stitch a pattern on your yardage which can then be used to make items such as bedspreads, shams or clothing.

Price depends on the number of yards to be stitched, complexity and density of pattern, type of thread to be used, and whether it will be stitching on a single layer of fabric only or yardage quilted together with batting and back. Contact us for a quote about quilting yardage.

Information to include in your request for quote: type of fabric to be stitched, number of yards, type and scale of pattern desired, whether this will be quilting layers together or stitching only on the yardage, type and color of thread, approximate date you need it done and your contact information.

Quilting Home Decor Items

Placemats and Table Runners - Contact us for a quote about quilting Placemats or table runners. See patterns by selecing "Quilted Items (Pillows totes, etc.)" from the Type Drop-down box on the PATTERNS webpage.

Pillows -
Decorator pillows and shams for use as decorative accents can be made to match your quilt from fabric you supply. A wide variety of design choices are available including open templates which allow any pattern of your choice to be used.

Price - By the square inch, just like quilts. (Pillow form, batting and backing not included or priced seperatly.) Assembly instructions will be provided.
Request a quote for quilted pillows or shams.

Quilted Tote Bags and Purses - Check out our patterns for quilted totes, purses, placemats, etc. by selecing "Quilted Items (Pillows totes, etc.)" from the Type Drop-down box on the PATTERNS webpage. You supply the fabric, we do the quilting. Stitching Price - Request a quote for quilting Tote bags or purses.

Quilt Labels

Embroidered Labels Order (pdf)

Embroidered on fabric you supply or muslin from our stash, ready for you to attach to your quilt.
  • Small Label – 4 x 4 inch, up to 40 characters, stitched on muslin or fabric you supply – $20

  • Medium Label – 5 x 7 inch, up to 100 characters. stitched on muslin or fabric you supply – *$25
    *Additional characters, 30 cents ($0.30) each.
    May include a border or motif; however, fewer characters may fit within the area.

Embroidered on your quilt backing or front prior to quilting. (Location will be approximate.)
Price - Same as above plus $5 to $15 location charge, depending on size and weight of quilt fabric.

* Special requests - Ask for a quote. EXAMPLE: a larger label, attaching label on the front or back prior to quilting, or using text as part of custom quilting. Feel free to suggest what you want for your quilt label.

View photos of labels:

To order a label print, complete and submit the Embroidered Labels Order Form.(pdf) Email Us your completed form, phone us to take your order, or bring / send order with your quilt.

Ask about our 20% discount for Embroidered Labels.

Quilting Previously Tied Quilts

Prices are the same per square inch as for other quilts plus a $5 - $10 surcharge.
Please DO NOT remove ties before sending for quilting unless you talk to us first. (More information about quilting "tied quilts".)

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