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List of Abbreviations used in pattern names and their meanings.

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AAQ# ***** DI
Pattern Name
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AAQ# *****- AAQ pattern number
DI- Designer Initials (see Designer drop down box for full name and initials.)
Simple / Complex- Type of design, either simple or complex
(If not applicable this spot will be left blank.)
Pattern name- Name of pattern used by AAQ
Collection /
Specific Block
Name of a collection of coordinating patterns or a specific block the pattern is designed to be used with.
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  • For things to consider when choosing patterns for quilting, click here.
  • We also recommend browsing our Photo Gallery to see how some designs look on a finished quilt.
  • Contact us to arrange a free consultation if you would like help in making pattern choices or do not find what you want in our online collection. We have access to several other libraries of patterns, so likely we can either acquire or custom digitize what you are looking for.
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WHAT: Digital Patterns designated with the designer initials AAQ.
(NOTE: All patterns have an AAQ 5-digit number. Look for the designer initials AFTER the number)
FILE TYPE AVIALABLE: .qli Other file types may be available upon request.
HOW TO ORDER: Send an email with the pattern name(s) and 5-digit AAQ number(s) of the patterns you are interested in. (designer initials are in the center of the first caption line, to the right of the AAQ 5-digit number.)
HOW TO PAY: I will send you a PayPal "Request for Payment" to the email address you supply.
HOW YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR PATTERNS: When payment has been received you will receive an email with a zipped folder containing your .qli pattern files. Be sure to unzip the folder and then extract the files.

Please note: All patterns are assigned an AAQ 5-digit number but the only patterns available to be purchased are those that also have the designer initials AAQ. (Designer initials are located in the middle under the pattern image.) Those have been digitized by All About Quilting and Design so we can legally sell them.
We can not sell any other designer's patterns. If you need information about where to find another designer's patterns, check beside the designer's initials / name in the Designer drop down selection box on the patterns page.

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